Names of Childrens


Boy Names - a
Abhay fearless
Abhijat noble, wise
Abhijit one who is victorious (Abhijeet)
Abhinav quite new
Abhishek shower of milk/water over an idol
Achintya beyond comprehension
Achyuta indestructible
Aditya sun
Ajatashatru without enemies
Ajay unconquerable, invincible
Ajit unconquerable (Ajeet)
Ajitabh one who has conquered the sky
Akash sky
Akhilesh lord of the universe
Akhilesh indestructible, immortal
Akshat uninjurable
Alok cry of victory
Amal bright, clean, pure
Amar forever, immortal
Ambar sky
Ameya boundless, magnanimous
Amish honest
Amit endless, boundless
Amitabh one with boundless splendour
Amitava same as Amitabh
Amitesh infinite god
Amogh unerring
Amol priceless, valuable
Amrit nectar
Amulya priceless
Anand bliss
Anant infinite
Anantram eternal god
Angada bracelet, brother of Wali and Sugreev
Anil god of wind
Anirudhha cooperative
Anish supreme
Ankit  conquered
Ankur sprout
Anoop incomparable, the best
Anupam incomparable
Anurag attachment, devotion, love
Anshul radiant
Anshuman Sun
Apoorva quite new
Arihant one who has killed his enemies
Arjun peacock
Arnav ocean, sea
Arun sun
Arvind lotus
Ashok one without sorrow
Ashwatthama fiery tempered
Ashwini one of the constallations
Aseem boundless, limitless (Asim)
Ashvin a cavalier
Atmajyoti light of soul
Atul matchless
Atulya unweighable, incomparable
Avinash indestructible
Avanindra king of the earth
Avanish god of the earth

Girl Names - a

Abhaya fearless
Achala steady, mountain
Aditi mother of gods
Aghanashini destroyer of sins
Ahladita in happy mood
Ajala the earth
Akhila complete
Akriti diagram
Akuti princess
Alka lock of curly hair
Alaknanda flawless
Alopa faultless
Alpa little
Amba Parvati
Ambu water
Ambuja lotus
Ambuda cloud
Amshula sunny
Amoda happiness
Amodini happy girl
Amita limitless
Amrita nectar
Anita grace
Amulya priceless
Ananya matchless
Anandita happy
Anarghya priceless
Anchita honoured, worshipped
Anjali offering
Anju one who lives in heart
Anisha continuous
Ankita conquered, a signet, symbol
Anupama unique, unparalleled
Anuradha a bright star
Anuragini beloved
Anushri pretty
Anuprabha brightness
Anurati consent
Anusha beautiful morning, a star
Apala most beautiful
Aparajita undefeated
Aparna same as Parvati
Archana worship
Archita one who is worshipped
Archisha a ray of light
Aradhana worship
Arati hymns sang in praise of god
Aruna dawn
Arunima glow of dawn
Asha hope
Ashalata creeper of hope
Ashakiran ray of hope
Ashavari name of a raaga
Ashwini name of a star
Avani Earth
Avantika princess of Ujjain